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Akbar M. Arghandiwal

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Previously CEO Of AFGS LLC (Afghanistan, The UAE, East Africa, Iraq), CEO of AFTC LLC (Afghanistan), CEO Of Scimitar RMC (Afghanistan, the UAE), Former MD, Khazana Capital Holding (Afghanistan, The UAE), Former Director at East Africa Contractors Services (EACS), Director at Crescent Trade (dry fruit processing), Afghanistan.

Akbar Arghandiwal is an Afghan American and an experienced executive with intimate knowledge and expertise in Afghanistan and in the region. He came to the region after 30 years living in the United States to seek opportunities and to help his fellow Afghans as well as to contribute to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan.

  In the past decade, Akbar has served as CEO, Managing Director, or President of the following companies:

  AFGSLLC and AFTC LLC (Afghanistan, UAE): From October 2008 to December 2013. Achievements include growth of AFGS from 35-employee company to more than 6000 employees by 2012.

Scimitar RMC (Afghanistan): From January 2011 to December 2013. Akbar was the Chief Executive Officer of this Risk Management Company, overseeing multiple security projects and recruitment of 600 APPF guard force and expats management oversight. Scimitar RMC and Akbar signed the very first contract with the Afghan MoI for the use of APPF.

EACS (UAE, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia): Managing Director. EACS was a startup in trouble. Akbar has served at its managing director in early 2014 and completed his assignment and re-energized this company back to its feet.

AFTREND Afghanistan (Afghanistan, UAE): In late 2013, Akbar registered his own company in Afghanistan in anticipation of going independent. In January 2015, Akbar began his activities under AFTREND in Afghanistan. His logistics division works for US military contractors providing support and services. Another division of this company is Elham Markets, which is a chain of dry fruits and nuts. AFTREND will build five units in 2015 in Kabul and plans to complete the building of 25 units in Kabul, Mazar e Sharif, Herat and Jalalabad by the end of 2016.

  Mr. Arghandiwal studied Computer Sciences at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill California, as well as Sacramento State University, Sacramento, California, USA. However, the bulk of his experiences come from working with many start-ups and helps them achieve growth. His strength is operations, specifically building organizations and leadership teams. He has extensive managerial and executive experience leading and help developing numerous start-up as well as larger organizations. He is a proven leader, hard-worker, and a passionate person who thrives on exceptionally challenging environments and success. He is fluent in English, Dari, German and Pashto languages.

  Please visit his Linkedin.com page for professional recommendation/references at: https://af.linkedin.com/in/akbararghandiwal


AFTREND was founded in 2013, and is a registred and lincesed afghan-american owned company, which provides support for U.S Department of defense contractors in afghanistan. Synergy's SEO, Akbar Arghandiwa, and management staff has years of experience of managin…


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